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Digital Printing – What is it and what are the benefits?

Digital printing by definition is the reproduction of digital images onto a physical surface. Previously, analogue printing methods such as lithographic printing have been used to create documents. In the case of litho printing, plates need to be manufactured. This means that they cannot later be edited. Therefore a high set up cost is incurred and customisation is not possible. However the continuing development of computers has brought about very moderndigital printing methods.  Unlike lithographic printing, digital printing has very small set up costs and is highly flexible. The market for digital printing is extremely vast with almost all businesses needing flyers, brochures and/or business cards along with other business stationery. The outstanding quality that digital printing provides makes this an obvious choice for many business printing needs.

There are many reasons to consider digital printing methods. One of these is the ability to make multiple changes to the documents. This allows you to personalise and customise the material giving you the opportunity to change colours within the document, increase or decrease font sizes, set margins, modify paragraphs and line spacing and insert different symbols and graphics etc. A growing trend online has been to order children’s stories with your child’s name inserted into the story; pictures can also be added into these. This also provides a solution to one stop direct mail. As there is little set up required, there is no minimum batch size allowing small print runs to be both affordable and highly feasible meaning you are not lumbered with excessive batches. Furthermore,digital printing is perfect for those last minute jobs with an almost impossible deadline as it has an extremely fast turnaround.

When using digital printing there is less wastage of paper and chemicals as test runs aren’t required to check registration and colour. This saves ink and money and is one of the reasonsdigital printing is so cost effective. Paper size, quality and orientation can all be selected when using this method and a print preview can be used to ensure the documents will be produced accurately. You will also be able to make any small modifications at this stage. Documents can be printed in colour or grayscale usingdigital printing, giving you a full range of options. A final benefit of using digital printing is the freedom to print on almost any surface as ink does not get absorbed but instead forms a thin layer on top of the surface. This is excellent for corporate gifts and promotional material.

A small disadvantage with digital printing is the type of ink required. Although the ink cartridges are widely available, they are also very expensive. The cost of buying and maintaining digital printers is also very high and this is a major factor in the cost ofdigital printing.  Overall however, digital printing is incredibly cost effective and provides excellent quality, making it a clear choice when purchasing printed documents.


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