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Go Green With Digital Printing!


Digital printing is a great way to be eco-friendly by lowering waste, harmful chemicals and pollutants. Start your environmental practices by optimizing the print production of your marketing materials. The growing trend of digital printing versus traditional offset printing illustrates that the public is becoming more conscious to environmentally-friendly practices in the way they do business.

First, digital printing lowers waste by reducing setup materials. Traditionally, the setup of an offset printing press would require 5-10% waste of paper just to get the colors registered (lined up) and up to acceptable densities to produce accurate color representation. This is due to the high speeds of the offset printing process. But, with the new on-demand digital presses, the first print out of the machine is an accurate representation of the entire print run. However, digital printing is a slower process and is meant for smaller quantity on-demand printing runs. So a much faster offset press with soy-based inks on recycled papers is your best green choice for large quantity printing.

Digital printing also is primarily a toner-based technology that uses oils or waxes to seal the ink to the paper. This technology doesn’t require chemicals as traditional lithography does in it’s printing process. Some toner manufacturers even boast that their inks are edible. This digital process results in less chemicals used for printing and less pollutants or hazardous waste as a byproduct.

Not every digital printing press is of the same quality, so you should do your research and find the best digital printer for your specific needs. Older digital presses or printers may not have the quality you are looking for. Newer digital presses may be designed for specific type of applications and may not be the most cost effective machine for your project. So first describe your printing project and find out if their equipment fits your job specifications. Then request a bid to make sure their prices are fair. Finally, request printing samples of real jobs before selecting your new digital printing company. If you find a digital printer with multiple presses that provide high quality printed products at an affordable price with excellent customer service and knowledge, then you should be set for your current and future digital printing needs.

In summary, if you want to be eco-conscious, a great place to start is with your marketing materials. Green printing or eco-friendly printing is a step in the right direction. You will reduce waste and toxins, while saving money because less resources are needed in the process of manufacturing your on-demand digital printing.


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