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Start A Personalized Gifts Business!

What you will be doing.  People look for new ways to present gifts to friends and family each year.  No one wants to do the same old thing.  Personalized gifts are an alternative to the average gift.  It adds a special touch.

A personal gift business provides customers with the option to add a name or a message to the products that you sell.  This personalization can be in the form of a digital printing, monogram, an engraving, or a personal note.  The methods of personalization offered are up to you.

How to start.  Decide on your target market by choosing which gifts to offer.  If you cater to businesses, the gifts can be watches, pen and pencil sets, address books, date planners, and the like.  If your market is the individual consumer, the choices for gifts become endless.  Choosing a niche narrows down the market.

Once you decide what to offer, search for wholesalers that provide what you want to sell.  We, at Valiant Prints, shall be more than willing to assist you in choosing the right products for your business.

Starting costs.  Costs for equipment, supplies, and inventory can run at a very minimal amount.  This will depends on what equipment you already have and what you still need to purchase. Check out our packages and call us so we will be able to assist you as you start your business.

Skills needed.  As a personalized gift seller, creativity and innovation comes into play.  Play around with fonts, colors, and styles to find different ways to personalize gifts for your customers.  Communication skills are important especially if you will be using others to complete part of the work on your product.  Attention to detail is crucial when working with names.  You can find many tips in the internet on improving your products and making good presentations on your personalized gifts.

Marketing.  This business can be run completely from a website if you want limited personal contact.  Your website can be run as a storefront that features the items offered and the type of personalization for each.  To get the word out, advertise on other sites and join business forums.  Selling advertising space on your website makes money and helps out other business owners.  With Facebook, Twitter, Multiply and other social networking sites, you are never at a loss on marketing your ideas.  Advertise on local ads like Sulit, Buy and Sell, local newspapers and many more.

As a local business, host parties for friends and family members to showcase your talents.  Wedding showers, baby showers, and birthday parties are a great way to give uniquely personal gifts and see them created at the same time.

Want a unique gift?  Have it personalized. The possibilities are endless!  🙂


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