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Invest on a REDSAIL Cutter Plotter and Heat Press Machine Today!

Why Choose Redsail ?

1.) Redsail has been in the market in the Philippines for 4 years and was first introduced to Industrial Factories in Cavite and Subic. We are now on our 3rd year in selling cutters and have assisted mostly Filipino OFW’s and young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

 2.)We admit that just like any China made Cutters sold locally, it is all prone to malfunction..period. Redsail provided us complete lists of parts that can be available for replacement and repair – no need to wait for 2 – 3 weeks. Longer wait time means losing more clients. We also sell Japan and U.S. made cutter and plotter (Graphtec 5000series and Craft Robo).

3.) Buying a Cutter / Plotter is like buying a car,  you need to look at quality and track record,  parts availability and experienced technician.

4.) After Sales Support: we offer a Free 1 Year Remote Access Technical Support and a dedicated tech support team and on site technician.

5.) We are not a sales driven company – what we offer is to introduce only Quality Machines that we have fully tested and provide an efficient and effective after sales support. You business is our business.

Things you need to know before buying a Cutter / Plotter: 

  • Cut / Plot Capability
  • Contour Cutting Capability
  • Warranty
  • Parts / Services Availability
  • After Sales Support
  • Technical Support

 How Does Contour Cutting Works? 

1.) Create/Pick you design and print using your printer w/ registration marks

2.) Cut designs/images using this machine

  • Contour Cutting feature cuts through thin lines you created / picked for cutting

3.) Heat press it or stick it!

  • Heat Press it on : Tshirts/ Jackets / Caps / Aprons / Leathers and many more )
  • Stick it on : Cars, motorcycles, helmets, signages and many more !!

Win PCSIGN Contour Cutting Software is a user friendly cutting tool excellent for Beginners and Professional Cutters. WinPCSIGN has the all the tools you will be needing for cutting. Please see details below or visit for more details.


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