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How To Choose A Die Cutting Machine

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Scrapbooking and card-making is a great hobby enjoyed by children and grownups alike.Tailor-made cards convey a special touch that can’t be seen among those commercially-prepared cards. If you find that you are shelling out quite a fortune purchasing cuts and designs for your scrapbooking hobby, you might contemplate investing in a die-cutting machine.

Selecting a die cutting machine that’s suitable for you doesn’t always have to be a difficult endeavor. Here are several things to consider:

1. Your budget.
A good number of die-cutting machines are over $300. You’ll want to set aside how much you’re prepared to invest so you’ll have a benchmark price range. A number of die-cutting machines can be very expensive, however they have certain features that can’t be found in less costly versions. Keep that in mind so you can change your budget appropriately. If money is not a problem, then pass up this section and proceed to other factors.

2. Your current technical skills
Die-cutting machines are of 2 kinds: manual and electronic. Manual machines are the most simple to use, but they are restricted in terms of design and functionality. Furthermore, they are not appropriate for young children as it presents a threat to personal safety. Electronic models, on the other hand, are easier and often come with more functionality and design choices.

These are generally further divided into 2 types: cartridge-based and software-based. Cartridge-based machines are quicker to work with – one can easily load up the cartridge and then start cutting. Software-based machines will ask you to first design utilizing a computer software before you could begin cutting. This is certainly good for experienced individuals and people who need to have elaborate designs.

3. Your work space
If you plan on having a separate crafts room, then you can definitely get larger sized die-cutting machines that can be great for mass production. Nevertheless, in case you only intend it for your own private use, then you can choose a smaller sized, easily transportable machine.

4. Your crafting needs
You have to determine the reasons you want to have a die-cutting machine. Could it be because you prefer to cut your own designs? Do you plan to use it for mass-production such as wedding invitation and greeting cards? Perhaps you want to open your own crafts retail store offering die-cuts for scrapbooking as well as cardmaking. If this is the case, then you’ll need a dedicated machine that could cope with such volume, without breaking down or running into some bumps.

5. The kind of material you want to cut
A number of die-cutting machines have restricted functionality in terms of the material it can cut. Some can only cut paper whereas others can cut numerous types of materials such as vinyl, felt, chip board and fabric. Being aware of what materials you may be cutting will enable you to decide which die-cutting machine to get.

In choosing the best die-cutting machine for you, you should take into account your budget, your technical skills, your workspace, your crafting needs and the materials you plan to be working with.

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