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Get your own REDSAIL Cutter Plotter!

vp redsail oct 2013

What is a Redsail Cutter Plotter?

Redsail Cutter Plotter is a cutting machine that can help you produce beautiful stickers for outdoor ads,signage, car stickers/decals and a lot more. You might have noticed it before inside the malls or in your location. Cutting stickers will let you earn huge income as stickers are really affordable. With our Winpcsign Cutting Software and direct to Corel software it is now easy to produce designs w/o exerting too much effort. Our software has functions that will enable you to vectorize designs automatically. Redsail Cutters can also cut on vinyls for T-shirts or any flat garments. You can use you heat press machine to transfer your designs on your T-shirt/Caps/Jackets and lot more.

We provide a Hands-on Training on our Heat Press Machines and Redsail Optical Cutter Plotter without time limit. We also provide a remote access training to those who want additional training.

Start your business with us and we’ll assist you in growing your business.

“When using the heat press machine and/or cutter plotter WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING and GUARANTEED AFTER SALES SUPPORT, you will be losing more money in digital printing errors.” – Orange PrintHaus Philippines


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