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The Ups and Downs of Digital Printing Business

How are things doing in your company? We’ve learned a lot the past few months.

1.  Natural disasters cannot be stopped… but we can help each other get back on our feet… and rebuild our lives.

2.  Fluctuations will always be there… we just need to be innovative and creative… and make goals and strategies SMART.

3.  People will discourage the staff and break their hopes… but we can build them up, rekindle their passion and revisit the vision.

4.  Creditors overtake our capacity to pay… but we can always make settlements, meet halfway and come up with solutions.

5.  Some things we have to let go… which is sad… and disheartening… and frightening… but hope remains and we stand right up.


Yes, we’ve learned a lot… and more. 🙂 We believe we’ve come out stronger.  We’ve learned to persevere, value our families, pray more, pray a lot, pray all the time. As we look back, we smile… and take today and the future with a stride.


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