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Redsail Cutter Plotter Specifications and Capabilities

Redsail Cutter Plotter

Drive type: Stepper motor 
Media Size: 720MM 
Cutting Size: 630MM 
Cutting Speed: 10-600MM/S 
Cutting Force: 10-500g 
LCD display: English 
Mechanical Resolution: 0.0254MM/STEP
Software Resolution: 0.0254MM/STEP
Repeatability: 0.1MM
Commands/Language: HPGL
Control Panel: English
Interfaces: RS232/USB
Power: AC90V–220V
Support: Artcut, WinPcsign, Flexisign, Signcut
Warranty: 12 Months

Adding a cutter plotter to your digital printing business maximizes your capacity to make personalized and customized designs.  You can make a variety of projects using a broad choice of substrate and printing media.  It gives you the edge to be able to express your creativity.  In using a cutter plotter, you can make beautifully crafted cards, unique t-shirt designs, glamorous wall or glass decals, indoor and outdoor banners, unique gift boxes and many more.

Redsail Vinyl cutters support the Artcut, WinPCSIGN, Flexi Sign and other sign making software. Redsail plotters have an optional Red dot/mark alignment function for Contour cutting.

Redsail is a low cost, affordable and high performance sign-making machine.

For more information, click on the links below and learn more about using a cutter plotter:





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